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Life is better with someone fun and interesting to share it with. I am here to teach you how to get dates. I have always had a gift for meeting people. My best friend kept telling me that I should write a book to teach other people how to find dates.  Rather than write a book, I built this site. I have given random strangers advice on what to say to stewardesses on planes to get their numbers. One guy had a stewardess tell him that he was too young. I gave him just the right line to flatter her and address the age issue and she gave him her number. He said “Dude, you should be a dating coach.” ID-10034247 My best friend is much older than me. He was amazed that the tips I gave him for meeting women really work. He is twice divorced and had never had good relationships in marriage or when he got divorced. Once he started using the tips I gave him and calling me for advice on what to say and what not to say.  He started calling me his dating coach. Best Friend He now has a steady girlfriend that makes him happy. 10 Things A Dating Coach Can Teach you
  1. Confidence
  2. Your Best Look
  3. How to Get A Woman To Notice You
  4. How to Approach A Woman
  5. What To Say When You Approach A Woman
  6. Where To Touch Her When You First Meet Her
  7. How To Stay Out Of The Friend Zone
  8. Ways To Show Your Boldness
  9. That Honesty Is Your Best Technique
  10. How To Keep Her Intrigued Once You Have Her
Questions Men Ask About Women
  1. What does a woman look for in a man?
    1. That depends on the woman. Each woman is different, but for many of them the signs of what they are looking for in a man are evident in the type of woman that she is.
    2. Example… A Fit woman ( or a woman with an athletic body) is usually going to want a man with a fit body. You may not have to be as fit as she is, but you have to be in shape.
    1. There are exceptions to that rule, and lots of money is an exception to almost every rule with women.
    1. A woman who dresses nicely is usually going to be interested in a man who dresses nicely or at the very least a man who looks nice in whatever he wears.
    2. Smart women usually will be interested in an intelligent man. An intelligent woman may also be interested in an average man who she is familiar with through work or other social gatherings. He will have to have something special about him, that catches her attention, and holds it.
    3. Almost every woman wants a man who makes her feel safe when she is with them. She knows that either you can kick some Butt if you have to, or you know how to get the cops there really fast if you can’t kick Butt.
  2. Where Can I Meet The Woman For Me?
    1. The best places to meet the woman for you are the places that you already go. Places like the mall, the grocery store, the gym, church, the museum, bars, or any other place that you like to go.
    2. The best thing about meeting a woman in the places that you already go is that you may share similar interests which can help you to build a strong relationship.
    3. Think about the things a single woman has to do like, eat, wash clothes, wash her car, or hang out with her girlfriends.
    4. Once you know what she needs to do you will know of some places that you can meet her.
What can a dating coach do for You? All of these skills can be learned to help you attract a person of any gender or ethnicity. They can be applied in any country. Human nature makes us respond in predictable ways to certain behaviors. Sometimes we can tell whether or not we should stay away from a person just by the way they walk. We do not have to see their physical size, or the color of their skin.
Just the way that they move can let you know that they are not someone that you want to mess with. Women are very good at picking up on those subtle body language cues from men. Just by the way that you move she knows if you are an Alpha male, or a puppy in the pack. A dating coach knows how an Alpha male moves. So a  good coach can teach you how to move. he must have money I have dated women from most of the countries on the planet. You can learn how to start relationships, and how to end them without really ending them. Successful Dating Can Be Learned   Some guys are naturally gifted at meeting and even picking up random women. Some of them when you see them you may say to yourself that guy must have money for him to be with such an attractive woman. Even if he does have money unless he can convince the woman that he has money then even money will not get you a date. It takes more, money alone will not win a woman’s heart. Look at the guy above, would you have ever pictured him with such a beautiful woman? The way that you move can say that you have money, even when you have very little. If you can win her heart and treat her right you can maintain the relationship, or allow it to drift slowly apart. Slow Drift Over Bad Break I am always reminded of the line that Tom Cruise said in the movie Cocktail where he said “It always ends badly, otherwise it never ends.” That is so true, as long as things do not end badly there is always a chance that the fire can be rekindled. So if you would like to learn how to get dates put your email address in the popup message when it appears, and learn the skills to get dates and change your love life. You can learn those skills in one on one coaching sessions, coaching over the phone, and email or Skype based coaching sessions. Stephen Dating Coach 24/7