About Me

My path was set at a very early age. I got in trouble in kindergarten for bringing a magazine to school and showing another kid where babies really came from. Then proceeded to first grade where a group of girls swarmed me and took my clothes off. Fortunately for me one of them came to the office with me and confessed what had happened.

I am not handsome, and my “junk” does not hang down to my knee. I have an average career, I am not super intelligent or rich. What I do have are the dating skills necessary to get dates anytime I want, with attractive women of any race and in just about any country on the planet. I will not teach you pickup lines that magically work on any and every person.  I can teach you the dating skills that you need to start a relationship with someone interesting.

I am also very good at teaching others what to say and what not to say in order to be successful in their relationships. I never dreamt of growing up to become a dating coach, but people kept asking me for advice, and then thanking me when the advice worked for them.  I am not nice, but I am friendly. Many of the things I say are fun, with some off color jokes and innuendos thrown in.

I learned a long time ago, that sometimes a bad reputation is a good thing to have. When it comes to dating, some people just want a bad guy or bad girl. Good time girls always seem to have dates, as do Dave the Loser types who are known for bedding many women, but not everyone wants a “Good Time Girl” or “Dave the Loser”. That is where a dating coach can help you to find they type of person that best suits you.

There are also just as many men and women who want someone who is nice, and treats them nice. When you give them what they are looking for, you can date almost anyone no matter what you look like.

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I can teach you how to get dates and how to be successful in your Dating Life.


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