Dating Over 50

Be Genuine

When women are younger and more carefree, or maybe just more gullible pickup lines can work.  As a woman gets older she can separate the B.S. from what is real. Once she realizes that you are not real, then she will send you to the curb like yesterdays garbage. So be yourself. If being yourself is a problem for you when it comes to dating then you need to work on you. Know what kind of woman that you are looking for. If you are not the kind of man that she might be interested in then you need to become that type of man. I am not saying that you should be someone that you are not. What I am saying is be the best you that you can be, or find a woman who is interested in you just the way you are.

Photos Matter

You need to have more than 1 photo, and the photos that you have need to be more than just selfies that you took of yourself. If everyone of your photos is a selfie she will think that you have no friends, and have to take photos of yourself.  Have photos with smiles in them, and a variety of clothing. Even if most of the time you may be a jeans type of guy. You need to have at least 1 picture of you dressed up. She might want to know what you would like if she were to take you to her company Christmas party. For bonus points have a friend take a picture of you cooking in your kitchen.

Best Friend

Advice From Women about Dating Over 50

You may be wondering what is the dating world like when you are dating over 50. Yes it has changed from when you were 19, but it can still be just as fun, although hopefully a lot less reckless. Sometimes we need to hear a ladies view on the subject. The video below shares some of the things that women have to endure from some of us who are not so bright when it comes to dating over 50.

Hopefully the video was entertaining. You may have even learned a few things. If you have not learned anything, just keep reading. We are constantly updating to give you the skills you need to be a dating success.

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he must have money

By this time in your life you generally know what you are looking for in a woman. If not, you should at least know what you are not looking for in a woman. Sometimes it is easier to know what we don’t want than it is to know what we do want.

Someone In Your Age Range

It is often said that the older a man gets, the better his options get. That usually takes for granted that you kept your health up and your finances in order. Those women who used to only date the jocks when they were in their 2os have learned that many of those guys are not the best choice for them. So now they are looking for someone who is more than just eye candy. Someone that they can have a stable, fun and mutually satisfying relationship with.

How About A Younger Woman?

For some guys it is time to try a younger woman, and if that is your thing, then you can do that. You may need to step your energy level up and make sure that your spending cash can keep pace with her interests. I am not saying that she will only be with you for the money, but you can bet your Bass boat that she will not want to just sit around on the couch with you and watch the football game.

If you see a younger woman’s dating profile online. All of those things you see her doing in her pictures, she may want to do with you. If you know that you are not willing to go skydiving, or exploring underground caves, then you may need to move on to the next profile.

You will have to tell her at least once that age is nothing but a number. Another line that you will have to say and live up to is that you are as young as you feel. You will need to get up to speed on the latest online apps and social media. She may not want to have you use them, but you at least want to know what Snapchat, Instagram and other web properties are.

She will have girlfriends that she wants to hang out with, and possibly some male friends too that you will have to deal with. You may get lucky and find yourself a younger woman that is a homebody and is looking for a more mature man minus the Sugar Daddy lining.

Do You Have the Skills?

Dating skills are more than just a bunch of worn out lines to say to women. Skills are truly knowing how to treat a woman. Knowing when she wants you to be a gentleman, and when she wants you to be a Badboy.

If you feel you might need some assistance in learning what to do or say to get a girlfriend online,  I am here to help. You can learn those skills for dating over 50 in one on one coaching sessions, coaching over the phone, and email or Skype based coaching sessions.



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