Get A College Girlfriend

What Does It Take To Get A College Girlfriend

The first thing that you have to do to get a college girlfriend is to decide which girl, or which type of girl that you want. If you go to an average size college and especially if you go to a large university there will be girls that are interested in guys like you. You will have to define for yourself what a guy like you is.

Once you are clear about who you are, ask yourself what type of girl would be interested in a guy like you. If the type of girl that you are looking for would be interested in a guy like you, then you are set. If the type of girl that you are looking for is not interested in the type of guy that you are, then you have 2 choices.

  1. You Can Change the Type  of Girl That You are Looking For.
  2. You Can Change Yourself To Be The Type of Guy She is Looking For.


Option number 2 is not always possible, because you may be a 140 pound Jewish guy and she may want a 200 pound Filipino guy named Dino. If that is the case, you might have to either become Bill Gates rich or wait for her to get tired of chasing after Dino. If you go the Bill gates rich route you will have so many other girls chasing after you that you can forget about chasing Dino’s girl.

You Have To Get Noticed

To have any kind of success with the girls on campus, or off campus you have to get noticed. Some guys get noticed because of their athletic abilities, some get noticed because they hack the school network and don’t get kicked out of school. Other guys get noticed because they make a point of making eye contact with the girl they want to talk as they move around campus.When you do make eye contact, never break eye contact by putting your head down. Always turn your head to the right or left while keeping your head level to break the eye contact.

If you break eye contact by putting your head down you down not come across as an alpha male. Head down = puppy in the pack = immediate friend zone.

You Have To Stand Out In Some Way

That is why Peacocks have bright feathers, and why pigeons dance and make that cooing sound. You need to find something that works for you, and sets you apart from all the other guys that the girls see on campus everyday. For me, I wore a tie everyday. Not one of those grandpa go to church ties, or presidential candidate ties. I wore a different color skinny tie and shirt with buttons. Even if they did not see my face, they knew it was me from a distance. Another thing that can help you stand out is if you speak to or at least giving a sign that you notice everyone that you pass each day. Speak to the janitor like he was the president, and the college president like he the cool father of your best friend in junior high.


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The Hottest girl on our campus was a 26 year old junior, and I was a 19 year old freshman, I was 5 foot 10 inches, and weighed 126 pounds. I did not play any sports, and was not the smartest light bulb in the box. Everyone on campus knew who I was though because I would at the least acknowledge their presence when they passed by. Most times I would try to say something to make them laugh. I talked to girls that I was not interested in, and I talked to girls who were not interested in me.

Tell People You Are Not Nice

Make people laugh, and treat them nice, but tell them that you are not nice. It is very true that nice guys finish last. Every girl that you ever meet will tell you that she is looking for a nice guy. She may even be able to tell you exactly what she is looking for in a boyfriend. In most cases the guy that she is dating is nothing like what she says she is looking for. I am not saying you should be a jerk, but sometimes a bad reputation is good to have.


Get Other Girls To Help You Get the Date

If you make a plan you can get her friends or classmates to help you out sometimes. If you speak to everyone, and treat people nice they will want to help you. Remember the 26 year old hot girl, I had her classmates to introduce us. Girls love playing matchmaker. They saw me as an attractive and fun guy so when  I asked them to introduce her to me their matchmaking gene kicked into high gear. They introduced us and because of how the classmates beamed about me she agreed to go out with me.


The moment I saw that girl on campus the first time I knew I would go out with her. So I made sure to get noticed by her. I would make eye contact, but never speak to her. I would always turn my head to the  right or left as I looked away from her. Then I would move on as if I had someplace important to be. Then I found out who some of her classmates were and made friends with them without ever mentioning my interest in their friend. To get a college girlfriend you have to have confidence that you can.

After 2 weeks of setting things up, I asked the friends to introduce me to her and the rest is history. She taught me some important life lessons during the months that we dated. One of the most important being always try to kiss the girl on the first date if she gives you any kind of opening. Even if you do not get the kiss, the way that she declines will let you know if you have a chance to kiss her at another time.

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