Pickup Artist

How Do You Become A Pickup Artist?

The number one rule of being a Pickup Artist is to live by the rule that “it is all about you.” They are usually extremely confident, and self-centered individuals, they are not intimidated by any woman because they get their validation from their own standard of success. So the first step would be to build your confidence up to the point where it is bullet proof.  Your body language also has to shout that you are a champion. You know how to make eye contact, and maintain it without looking creepy. You also have to master when and how to ignore a woman so that she wonders what happened.

What is a Pickup Artist?

A pickup artist (often abbreviated PUA) is a person who practices finding, attracting, and seducing sexual partners. They usually use a certain system or set of techniques that they have found to be successful in their attempts to seduce sexual partners. That is a text book definition of a pickup artist. Here is one woman’s definition of a pickup artist.

A person who treats women as objects, and trophies to be won and conquered rather than as human beings.

It is possible to apply successful dating techniques to become a pickup artist. It is more than just possible, there are men who do it everyday, and other men who sell books and courses on how to become a pickup artist. That is not the person that you should try to be. That is also not the type of person that most women want to build a relationship with.

Are You Looking to Date, or Just to Have Sex?

There are some women who are actively seeking sexual partners on any given night. I think it would be fair to say that those women would not be the majority of women that you will meet. If it is truly your desire to be a pickup artist, then be so confident in your abilities that you can tell a woman honestly that all you really want is sex. That way she knows the type of person that she is dealing with right from the start. Once all the cards are on the table and both of you are in agreement, work your magic.

There are so many lame lines that you could use to try and convince a woman to have sex with you. There are just as many, lines that can be quite successful. The difference is in the confidence level of the person using those lines, and the woman that you say them to.

Pickup Artists Do Not Take it Personal

To many pickup artists it is a numbers game in every sense of the word. To them it is almost like fishing or gambling. You cast your line out multiple times, as long as your bait is good and you are casting in a well stocked pond then you are going to get a bite. The word “no” does not hurt their confidence, nor does anything else that is said to them. A true Player would ask a woman to dance at intervals throughout the night. If she said no, the intervals would be longer, if she said yes he would either work on keeping her near or come back to her in shorter intervals depending on her reaction to him.

Be A Real Man

A real man does not have to treat women as objects. He knows what it takes to attract a woman, and uses what he knows to attract the right woman. Anyone can learn a set number of tricks that will help you to get women into bed. If you have never experienced that, then it may seem fun for a while. In time you will learn that there is much more to life than that. You will want someone to take with you to your family functions or gatherings with friends that are in committed relationships. You will want that person to be the same person each time, rather than someone new every other week.



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